• SLHS CTE Business Program


    The CTE Business has three main parts: The class, School Store, and FBLA. When taking this program you are also enrolled in 10 classes from NPC. Adding up to a total of twenty-eight college credits. The school store was created by the business program and is run by them as well. When enrolled in a business class you are an automatic member of FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America).

    The business CTE includes Business I, II, and III. Because of the dual enrollment with NPC, Business III counts as a fourth-year math credit. The classes you get credit for include the following: Intro to Business BUS100, Supervision BUS105, SMB BUS110, Fundamentals of Bookkeeping BUS112, Marketing BUS220, Management BUS210, Entrepreneurship BUS115, Personal Finance BUS106, PCS BUS102, Computerized Accounting BUS202, and Accounting BUS102. The accounting is the reason the class count as a fourth year math.

    The Cougar Store is appreciated by many. It is open before school, after school, and at lunch It was created to, one, add hours required for the college courses. And two, to improve the school by making it convenient to get school supplies, and cougar gear. The students in the business classes staff the store. They stock shelves, take inventory, monitor the store, and check people out at the front.

    Although FBLA is not required for every business student, it is a key aspect of the business program. There is competitions, fundraisers and even scholarships available when participating in the club.

    The Business Program at Show Low High School has many benefits for its students as well as for the school. Being able to obtain twenty-eight college credits by the completion of the program, being able to be a part of the school store, and having an opportunity to compete in competitions with FBLA and receive awards and potential scholarships are just a few of the perks of participating in the Business Program at Show Low High School.


  • Humans 14


    “Not as often as I should”


  • The European Perception of Roma Gypsies

    Roma, (Gypsies), are a nomadic group that originated in South Asia. They got their nickname “Gypsy” through the thought that they were from Egypt because of their looks. According to a YouGov survey, Roma Gypsies [are the] most negatively perceived European minority group. (Buchanan, November 19, 2015)

    Former England resident, Kimberley Cooper gives insight from an insider’s point of view, “The Gypsies or travelers as they were known, were often looked down upon. They would set up camp in between my village and the next one over and every time we passed them on the road I was told to stay away from them. They were seen as second class citizens or criminals. Specifically in My village they got a lot of hate because a group of them stole lead from the church’s roof which led to costly repairs. Ever since then they were run out of the town and all of the kids were told to stay as far away as possible. [Me and my family being] outsiders, we could see that not all of the Gypsies were like the ones who stole the lead, but to the village that didn’t matter, they were all the thieves that those few were”.

    Professor Yaron Matras says that “[t]he negative image of Roma has been around for centuries [, p]eople fear the Roma because they are different, because they threaten to question what our rules are[, t]hey are seen as lawless and ruthless”.

    Many would argue to Professor Matras though, that since the Gypsies are migrating into their countries that they should respect the laws of the land, which by the many accounts, is not the case most of the time. This turns the question from “Why do Europeans have this perception of the Roma?” to “Do the Europeans have the reasonable right to see Gypsies in this light?”

    An example of a situation that reflects badly on the Roma people is a story told by Colin Barton, a chip shop owner in Europe. He told about how a Roma man tried to sell him a baby for $450. Colin said that he “waited for the punchline” but it never came.

    Nasir Khan, from the same city gives his input, “I don’t think we should let them in[to our country,] we pay taxes and we all pay into the system, these Slovakians and Romanians that are already here, they have taken out of the system and not put [anything] back in”.

    Truth be spoken, unless there was a genocide of all of the Roma people, they will always be in Europe, and Europeans will have to deal with them in their lives. Perhaps something more need be done instead of petty complaints.


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  • Humans of Show Low 13


    What makes you happiest?

    “When me and my friends are all in a good mood!”


  • Cougar Volleyball 2015 vs. Cougar Volleyball 2016

    Show Low High School girls volleyball team of the previous year was ranked 8817 in the nation, 160 in Arizona and 51 in division III. The previous season the team had won 13 games, lost 27 games and tied 3 games. They were what could be thought of as a “young” team, with only two seniors. Despite the rigorous season they endured, the team of the previous year was still able to enjoy their season and grow to love their teammates. In this upcoming season the overall outcome is unpredictable. Still, the team is working hard to do their best ability to ensure a successful season full of prosperity and wins. It is known that they have what’s thought of as an “older” team with 4 seniors leading the court. With all members of the team staying hopeful for a winning season, the outcome solely relies on the team’s capability as a whole to push through and fight for the win at the end of every game.

    Show Low’s team in the year prior might not have had a winning season as an overall team, but they did produce winning athletes. The 2016 team had multiple girls ranking in the top five in the state specific to their particular position. The team also was able to send a player to play in the All-State game, which is a huge achievement that deserves to be recognized. The previous team had very talented athletes who were very skilled in their area of expertise, it just seems as though they had an issue with working as an entire unit to pull out a win.  

    The future for the 2016 cougar volleyball season is untold, but with many of the players from the previous season returning hopes are high. Many of the players looking to not only better themselves, but to better their team and to learn to work together as a whole to pull out more wins the season looks bright. Thanks to the extraordinary coaching staff, fan base, parents of the players and every other individual that make having a volleyball team possible and encourages the team, every player is enthusiastic to start the season and unravel what the future holds for Show Low volleyball.